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Protecting Families and
Their Future


According to the most recent U.S. census, more than half of all adult Americans are single.
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Married Couples

Congratulations! You have tied the knot. With marriage comes new rights and responsibilities.
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Minor Children

Are you the parent of minor children? If yes, then they are your most valuable treasure.
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Single Again

Whether due to divorce or death, you are now single again and need to create (or revisit) your estate plan.
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You have arrived. Just a moment ago, you were nearing retirement.
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Oak Brook Estate Planning &
Trust Administration Attorney

Serving Clients and their Families in Oak Brook, Cary and throughout DuPage County, IL

Personalize an Estate Plan to Fit Your Needs

Just as no two families are identical, no two estate plans should be identical. We’ll take the time to sit down with you and your family to determine what estate plan is best for you. Your family members with special needs, family members with financial problems, and even family members of the canine or feline persuasion will all be covered in your estate plan.

As founder and president of these offices, Mr. Hands is dedicated to ensuring that each of his clients is provided with a personalized estate plan that meets the specific needs of their family. When you visit or call our office, we want you to feel comfortable discussing this important issue that concerns both you and your family. We want to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your family’s future.

Now is the Time to Plan For the Future

The time to call is now. Don’t procrastinate on planning for your future. Call our law offices to schedule your consultation today.